Cantam by Gary Miller

In this image, a bound woman waits for a pot to heat a few feet in front of her. Gary Miller sent me a note that this is his work. A friend of his posed for this shot. Very nice. Added 08/21/1998.

Hot Bath by Pooka

A happy woman takes a very hot bath courtesy of Pooka. Excellent technique. Added 08/15/1998.

Cookbook for Cannibals

A long-legged woman models for us from the inside of a giant cauldron. This image is from a tongue-in-cheek book entitled A Cookbook for Cannibals. I think it has gone out of print (but I am not sure). Added 08/15/1998.

Hot Girl by Pooka?

A leather collared woman simmers in a nicely rendered pot. I think that this image was put together by Pooka but I am not sure. Added 08/15/1998.

Group Stew by Joe Slayer

Several unfortunate women stew in a very large pot made for many. Joe Slayer has an excellent web site devoted to his work. See related information for a link to that site. Added 08/15/1998.

Do You Like Women?

A campy publicity photograph produced for a low-budget adult film that was never made. It was to star Debbie Rochon. Notice that the pot is actually a large garbage can that has been painted gold. Added 08/15/1998.

Layla by Pooka

Another wonderful image assembled by Pooka. The scale of this image is perfect. Notice how the vegetables in the pot are just the right size with respect to both the pot and Layla. The pith helmet is a nice touch. Added 09/28/1998.

Cooking Party by Anonymous

In this image, an unlucky fellow simmers in a large pot while eager young women tend the stew. Added 10/24/1998.

Jungle Venesa by R. Mentor

Venesa stews in a large copper pot while native cannibals attend to her demise. This is a superb image carefully crafted in Adobe Photoshop. I have since learned that the pot, also used by Pooka in the Layla picture above, is Mr. Mentor's work. It was rendered using 3-D ray tracing software. Added 10/25/1998.

Camp Cookout by Yumycan

It appears Yumycan has constructed this atmospheric image by combining several cannibal themed images into one. The result is very nice. The attention to scale is especially pleasing. Added 12/6/98.

Carmen by Storm

Storm has assembled a complete sequence of several simulated shots of Carmen as she cooks in a pot. All are carefully composed and the result is very pleasing. Added 05/30/99.

More Soup by Wayward Neurons

A hungry tribe watches dinner preparations in this very effective black and white photo manipulation. I always find it amusing that photographs of models in sexy poses make such good cannibal subjects. Added 9/10/2000.

Celebrity Lineup by Maxentius

In this collection of six images, a delicious line up of four female celebrities each take a dip in a cooking pot thanks to the work of Maxentius. These photo manipulations are all of high quality. Added 1/21/2001.

Stepping In by Muki

The propreitors of Muki's Kitchen have kindly allowed me to include a couple of their recent compositions. This is the first. These images are from a complete woman in a pot portfolio that they offer on their site. Their work is of the highest order and I can't recommend it enough. Run, do not walk, to purchase this wonderful set. You can find the link to their site in related information. Added 6/24/2001.

Cooking Nicely by Muki

This is the second of the sampling Muki's Kitchen has kindly provided for the Boiled Alive page. This is simply an awesome shot. Note the lighting effects used inside the pot, the bubbling water, and the sheer beauty of the composition. This is professional photography brought to our strange fetish. Added 6/24/2001.

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