This is a study in dark fantasy. Here we will explore an edited selection of literature, art, photography, and history of an odd obession: women (and to a lesser degree, men) boiled alive in large cauldrons.

It is important to note that this is only fantasy. I don't advocate or condone violence (especially violence as depicted here). A healthy separation of fantasy and reality is essential when considering the topic at hand.

My fascination with this odd subject is hard to explain. Boiling alive is no doubt gruesome and horrifying. The implied cannibalism is even more disturbing. It is morbid curiousity and the excitement of peril that attracts me to the subject. Surprisingly, many others seem to share this weird fetish (thus, this publication). There is even a newsgroup devoted to the topic (see the section on related information for details). Perhaps you are one of them. Welcome! Please enjoy yourself. I provide a deeper examination of the issues in the commentary section. Your comments (good or bad) are very welcome.

The drawing above is my weak attempt to contribute to the art you will find here. It is a modification of an excellent drawing by Pete Boggs (the original drawing is available under the art section below). The animation was done with Animation Maker 3.1 for Macintosh.


A collection of line drawings, paintings, and colored images of women (and some men) in large pots. Another cartoon was added to page four on June 24, 2001.


Made up stories by various authors about cannibals and others whose intent is to cook young women alive. A new story by Menagerie was added January 21, 2001.


A small library of simulated photographs of women in various states of cooking. Muki's Kitchen has kindly donated two fantastic pot shots that I added June 24, 2001.


Ruminations on the history of boiling alive both by cannibals and as means of capital punishment. Last updated August 21, 1998.


A deeper exploration of the editor's thoughts on this subject and your letters to the editor. Last updated March 8, 1999.

Related Information

Other places to look for information about large pots and their uses. Strider Centaur has brought back and many dead links have been resurrected! I updated the Dolcett link on September 10, 2000.

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