Pal Pot by Menagerie

Menagerie has penned an excellent tale where two women executives meet their end at the hands of South American cannibals. Added 12/29/1998.

Eating Italian by Jim Bader

Mr. Bader pens a very erotic tale of a lovely woman's ultimate sacrifice. Beautifully realized, this story presents a sexy, consensual spin on live boiling. Highly recommended. Added 08/30/1998.

Baia's Fate by Ximidon

A young botanist is captured by a tribe of jungle cannibals and slowly boiled alive for their supper. This is a very graphic story and my personal favorite. Added 08/15/1998.

Kathy and the Cannibals by Marquis

Marquis frequents the newsgroup alt.torture. He specializes in writing custom stories of torture that star well known female celebrities. In this story, super model Kathy Ireland meets her end at the hands of beautiful Amazons in the rain forest. The ending of this story was revised by Ximidon. Added 08/15/98.

Sally's Slow Simmer by D. E. Russell

Mr. Russell weaves a tale where a young house sitter falls prey to a psychotic hot tub repairman who turns out to be a cannibal. I am not quite as fond of this story as some of the others. It's subject is more about cannibalism than it is about boiling. Nonetheless, it is well written and very intense. Added 08/15/98.

Boiler Babe by Marquis

Another intense story by the Marquis. Three young rock stars participate in a deadly lottery. One of them meets her end in Dolcett's Boiler Babe device. A drawing of the device is available on the Art Page. Added 08/15/98.

Happy to be their Dinner (excerpt) by Frodo

I had originally titled this story "Steamed". Several readers e-mailed me to let me know that this excerpt is actually from a larger story by Frodo (I had lost the author on my copy). Frodo also sent me a note confirming that this is his work. The full story is about a mentally ill young woman who volunteers to become the main course for a banquet. Although she herself is not boiled, one of the other women on the menu does meet that end. This is that section of the story. Added 08/15/98.

Katie's Last Moments by Amano Akunin

In this short story, a teenager decides she would like to become dinner for certain young man with peculiar tastes. Involves an underage participant. Added 08/15/98.

And One for the Pot by Ralph LeCan

A troubled couple win a vacation to an African resort but end up on the menu at a nearby cannibal village. Murderous plots unfold and careen in unexpected directions in this unusual cannibal story. Added 10/24/98.

The Mission by Rouen

Two young missionaries give their all for their calling in this straight-ahead consensual cannibal story. Added 02/12/99.

Bob's Bath by Yummycan

Bob takes his last bath at the hands of very sadistic native cannibals. This is an excellent (if nasty) story. Added 04/07/99.

Feet First by Cookie

A young woman is suspended over a pot of water and slowly cooked for a native tribe's dinner. This is a short but very effective cannibal story. Added 04/16/99.

Dr. Sinclair and the Cannibals by Rouen

A research scientist meets an unfortunate end by taking a very hot bath courtesy of some hungry jungle natives. This is a short but classy cannibal tale that is very enjoyable. Added 10/11/99.

The Execution of Catherine by Rouen

Rouen has given us a tale of capital punishment in the times of King Henry VIII. A young servant is boiled to death for attempting to poison her master. She decides to make the best of it. Added 10/26/99.

The Cottage in the Woods by Menagerie

This is a superbly crafted fairy tale where a young heroine joins her new neighbors in the woods for dinner. Needless to say, the evening meal doesn't turn out the way the young woman expects. This is very fine work. My complements to the author. Added 10/26/99.

Boiling Betty by Rouen

Betty bravely faces the worst in this simple but effective cannibal story. It looks like Rouen has penned another winner. Added 1/1/2000.

Leigh's Cauldron by Wolf

Leigh encounters members of an angry Shawnee tribe who decide to make a meal of her in this short but intense tale of revenge. This is an excellent effort. What makes it a cut above other stories is that Leigh ends up in her own cooking pot! Added 4/03/2000.

Bottom Line by Menagerie

This is a highly imaginative story about the unusual combination of accounting and cannabalism. Menagerie has put together a wonderfully detailed account of a native African tribe that excels in both the old ways and the new. Shonda, a young accountant, discovers both sides of this one-of-a-kind tribe. Added 4/03/2000.

You Are What You Eat by Justin Kilwats

This story is a sobering reminder that what you do to prepare dinner may come back to haunt you! Carolyn has a thing for lobster. But things don't turn out the way she planned. Added 7/19/2000.

Tea Time by Rouen

Rouen, our prolific writer of cannibal cooking fiction, has written a tale of sweet deception. This short story has all of the elements of a good cannibal yarn. Added 7/19/2000.

Home Cooked Karen by G. Mallard Payne

We have a new contributor! Mr. Payne has written a very nice alternate reality tale where a young woman finds herself in a Dolcett like world. This is a sharp, well written story that is well worth a good read. Added 7/19/2000.

Mother and Daughter Soup by Sandra Sweet

I think this is the first submission I have received from a woman. She enjoys consentual cooking fantasies and this is a nice effort in that vein. It is very well written. Added 9/10/2000.

From Slave to Mistress by G. Mallard Payne

This is a deliciously evil story with a wonderful twist at the end. Mr. Payne has written a winner. Recommended. Added 9/10/2000.

Fate of a Barefoot Wench by Anonymous

An anonymous contributor has written a finely crafted story of the torture of a young woman in Medieval times. I must warn you that this story is very strong and violent. In my opinion, it is also one of the best efforts to date in this curious genre. Added 10/21/2000.

A Day at the Office by Menagerie

In this horror story, a young executive assistant discovers that there are more than files in the back room! The story reads almost like a fairy tale. It is very imaginative and has an ending that will satisfy those with a boiling fetish. Added 1/21/2001.

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