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Island Pot by Eurlian

Eurlian uses Adobe Photoshop to maximum effect in this wonderful drawing. The expression on her face makes this image a classic. Added 08/15/1998.

Carrie and the Cannibals

This image is taken from a short comic. A woman falls asleep on a leaky hot water bottle and dreams of a jungle encounter with cannibals. An excellent effort. Added 08/15/1998.

Jungle Janet's Temperature by Pete Boggs

Pete Bogg's favorite heroine, Jungle Janet, ends up in a pot and admonished by a careful cook. This image forms the basis for the animated shot on the main page. Added 08/15/1998.

Ms. Anderson on the Menu

A young woman answers questions for her polite, but cannibalistic, hosts while simmering in a pot. Added 08/15/1998.

Friends in Hot Water by Dolcett

What would any collection of cannibal art be without some works by Dolcett? Here, two good friends simmer together in one large pot. A chef nearby prepares for the next stage of cooking to come. Added 08/15/1998.

Hollywood Wolf by Pete Boggs

A hollywood wheeler-dealer invites a eager young actress over to his place to discuss her career. She ends up in hot water (really gravy)! An amusing drawing where Pete Boggs pokes fun at the Hollywood elite. Added 08/15/1998.

Silicone Soup by Grant Canfield

Cannibals happen on to a young woman with augmented breasts. Maybe she can talk herself out of this one. She has a good case. Added 08/15/1998.

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